Gone are the days of candles with old designs and colors that were monotonous and boring. Now candles are created with countless different shapes from cute to unique…
What about you, have you owned a “weird” scented candle that is so lovely? If not, buy yourself a candle at HOMEFUNITULI right away because they not only know how to light but also smell, like a decoration in the room!

Coming to HOMEFUNITULI, you can completely come up with your own bold and novel ideas so that we can help you realize them with our own scented candles. Do you want the shape of a scented candle to be one or more pumpkins, or the shape of rabbits, etc. We can make any of your ideas – just ask.
You will find it extremely interesting and satisfied when receiving products from us.
Scented candles are now not only limited to home decoration, but they are also a great gift for friends and relatives on special occasions of the year.
Come and experience the product with us now, all the magic from the scented candles that we give you will make you feel surprised and happy.
With completely natural ingredients such as:
1. Soy wax: the wax is benign and does not harm the environment. This bean wax candle tends to burn longer. And when you run out, you can easily clean the cup with warm water and soap.
2. Wick yarn
3. Natural essential oils